Rope Race Canoeing 2012

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Photo: n- Oh dear! Photo: o- Keep still, Sam! Photo: Whoops! Photo: Sam Photo: a -The Briefing Photo: b- Untying the canoe Photo: c- Ahoy There Photo: d-  All afloat Photo: e- In we go Photo: f- I think this could be fun! Photo: g- Can they see me? Photo: h- Paddle together Photo: i- Waiting for a Juggernaut to pass Photo: j- All lined up Photo: k- Look what I've found Photo: l- We've all got them Photo: m- Do we need some more at the front? Photo: p- Meet some Parents Photo: q- Splish Splash Photo: r- Splash Splish Photo: s- Pull, Pull, Pull Photo: t- Whoops! Photo: u- We've lost the parents!