Joining the club

Trying something new, with people you don't know can be a bit scarey, so the first three sessions at our club are free for everyone, so you can find out if you really do want to join us! 

We divide the year into three terms, Autumn (September to December), Spring (January to March/April) and Summer (April to July).

For each term, we charge a fixed £20 registration fee, plus £1 subs per week.  The fixed fee ensures that we have enough to cover our standing overheads, like pitch hire, equipment  and coaching costs.  Most terms have more than 12 weeks.

So, you can choose to pay £20, plus £1 each week you come,or you can pay a single amount of £30, giving you at least 2 free weeks. In either case, the cost works out at just over £2 for each 90 minute session, which we think is very good value!

Registration Forms can be downloaded from here, by selecting the relevant season: